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You're not a gamer

2012-07-14 19:13:34 by AIDSMcGuff

go away

You're not a gamer

Shit sucks

2012-02-17 02:44:23 by AIDSMcGuff

Shit sucks

I Moved On From Newgrounds

2011-09-09 02:36:02 by AIDSMcGuff

Now I spend most of my time on Youtube because it's not faggots.

Also add me on Steam and Starcraft.

Steam: Salted_tator_tot or AIDS McGuff (Not sure which will work, try both)
Starcraft: AIDSMcGuff Code: 505
Skype: AIDS_McGuff
Youtube Account

Also I didn't move on from Newgrounds, fuck you.


2011-08-08 06:00:18 by AIDSMcGuff

It appears I can't sleep and go to (ALGEBRA CLASS) in an hour, so here I am. Not that you nerds give a shit, but I'm studying hardcore and going to be the greatest programmer the world has ever seen. That's pretty much all that I've been doing.

Also since I last updated I got a job at FedEx, but I'm leaving that in 2 weeks since all these math classes are going to be raping me.

Greatest chicken sandwiches in the world:

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I've been working on a turn-based game and everything is basically done and functional. It's a lot like dragon warrior for the snes/gbc, if you're interested let me know.

No Longer Salted-tator-tot

2011-04-05 21:15:15 by AIDSMcGuff

Feels good, man

I might actually finish two decent games (One?). I am probably going to learn C++ while attending college (since I'm too lazy to do it now) and since I began learning it earlier this year, I got some nice experience with important programming shit. In the meantime of not feeling like learning C++, I am just working on a few projects when I'm not playing whatever games / masturbating.

If anyone cares, the projects are a Harvest Moon game (Think the gba versions, with (more/new?) content) and a side-scrolling mage game (just started today). If you just happen to read this and are interested in doing the art for the mage game, just let me know and you can have 50% profit if anything is made/etc. The game basically consists of playing as a mage that shoots spells to fight enemies in each stage (Stages are all compiled on a world map) and then bosses/final bosses, fuck the police. Pick a spec and unlock spells/armor, etc.


Starcraft 2!

2010-07-30 17:46:43 by AIDSMcGuff

Add me, my Starcraft 2 name is aidsmcguff, or my e-mail is I'm not that good, but I'm still working on it. I'll play anyone for fun, anyone who wants to help me get better, I'm open to help. I usually play Protoss.

A Song About Current Events.

2010-07-10 11:46:27 by AIDSMcGuff

Some good ol' sonic 2.