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This is stupid, go back to reddit to post your unoriginal, badly animated stupid shit. This is the kind of trash killing creativity and the overuse of memes does not add any kind of value to this.

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idan-Aharon responds:

it wasnt supposed to bo something original self invented idea or something.. it was made just for fun (p.s im 12 years old.. so its nice flash clip for a starer..)

I was expecting something completely different.

It was alright, but a little short. It kind of caught me off guard.

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ZeldaCP responds:

I'm sorry It took me a day or so to make =( sorry if you where expecting something else

God Bless Him.

Good night, sweet prince.

ngfan14 responds:

I shall miss him too. :'(

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You people are fucking idiots.

It's not the point of medals to just be able to get them, it's SUPPOSED to be hard. What's the point of just getting medals for "HEY, YOU LOADED THE GAME. HEY, YOU VISITED THE MENU". It's hard for a reason, and to base it on whether it's fun or not is a fair rating, but rating 0 because you can't get the medal for beating it or just the fact it's too hard is just fucking pathetic.

I feel like a real bastard, but great job.

Sorry I didn't turn my panel in, but I kind of fucked it up, and I couldn't find an envelope to fit. With all bullshit excuses aside, great job to everyone who entered their panel, it turned out great.

Awesome game.

I like it, I can't wait for Corpus 2.

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Jectoons responds:

It's coming out nicely

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My face when I remember this.

Sweet jesus, great work. I came. :o

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Great song.

I agree with "GREAT EVERYTHING", it's better than most music on the radio today.

procterorange responds:

Thanks very much.

Sounded great, except the guitar.

The guitar sounded too fake, I hate virtual guitar sounds, but other than that it was a great song.

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Manhart responds:

Yeah I actually felt the same about it. I think I'll change the sound to something else.

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