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Trolling Youtube.

2009-09-11 15:06:55 by AIDSMcGuff

1. Find a video containing R.I.P. Michael Jackson anywhere.
2. Post a comment saying how he raped little boys and his music was mediocre.
3. Check e-mail and youtube userpage comments.
4. ???
5. Profit!

jaclibra08 has made a comment on your profile:
Pls help make this world a beautiful place to live. Stimulating hatred won't make
you any happier. I love Michael Jackson because he has helped lots of children all
over the world. Those accusations were made by money-hungry people. Do not just
believe in what you've read. Look into your heart and learn to love. God bless.

andrealovesjeffh has replied to your comment on Michael Jackson - Say,say,say - Hi
Tack Remix:
shut the fuck up saltedtatortot ok I hope u die cause I dont a fuck about the haters
like u and I hope u rot in hell mother fucker


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2009-09-11 15:22:34

ill troll RIGHT NOW yey its trolly trolly tiem