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Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 22nd, 2009

Poor bastards, they make me lol.
I don't remember the original comment of mine that started this, since it got -6 thumbs.

you're just saying that to be cool, you little twat. Go home and let momma make you some tea. Yes, there are bands that are more "out there" and that gives them cred, I suppose, but not liking this music makes%uFEFF you a little asswhipe.

RE: I'm not Jewish, I don't drink tea. This song blows, and with the band being so mainstream that just makes it worse.

hey salted nutstain humor me, whats your idea of non main stream just for shits and giggles???

i hope you mean like 3oh3, and rhianna, brittney spears, and%uFEFF all the other poplular music that everyone else seems to listen to and is on radio and stuff all the time? cuz i cant stand most mainstream music.

RE: QotSA are about as mainstream as all%uFEFF those faggots and more.

There's more, but those are the most lulzy.

- Salted Nutstain

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 17th, 2009

I just saw it, I was supposed to go with my friends (I never hang out with anyone, until now) and my dad jewed me out of going with them to see it.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 17th, 2009

When has Newgrounds led me to download a shitty game? I must download it!

EDIT: That game sucked. I'll stick to DFO.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 12th, 2009

It's an inside joke for us Germans.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 12th, 2009

What is with these assholes giving decent animations (If not great, in terms of animation quality) terrible reviews. I don't know if there's just more trolls on Newgrounds or just more 12 year old assholes because shitty mario sprite movies get near perfect reviews while other (ones that actually took effort to make because all it takes to make a sprite movie is time and possibly when there's need to add your own effects).

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 11th, 2009


Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 10th, 2009

That game is pretty kick-ass. If it weren't for the limited customization options, it would be even better (Have to use real money to customize your character's look). The game is insanely fun, with the exception of the bullshit glitch where it's impossible to join parties even with the firewall disabled, port forwarded, and router with DMZ option enabled. Nevertheless, this game is fun as hell.

: Reinstalling to try to see if that'll fix it.

If you want to play together or something, add:

MrDahmer (Mage)
AIDSMcGuff (Slayer)
Availability (Fighter), my new favorite.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 8th, 2009

I can't decide, I'd pick the gayer of the bunch, but I don't want to get beat up at school.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 6th, 2009

Oh yeah, I went there.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - October 4th, 2009

What dare I do?