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AIDSMcGuff's News

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 20th, 2009

*It's 1:10 AM and I'm on my second viewing of Fight Club on Spike

I've been busting my ass on this game all day (more or less all day, mostly night).

- Functioning Hp/Mp System (Refills on level-up, works on percentage of hp to the max hp values, and regen)
- Other shit.

Fixed (And in some cases, still fixing):
- A lot of shit.


Click buttons, +50 xp, -20mp, and fireball icon to cast fireball.
WASD - Movement
Shift - Attack


I'm going to bust my ass on this game and another game for the rest of the summer.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 19th, 2009

I'm not going full-out, as in it's not going to be a huge game, but I'm looking for ideas for spells and different things in the game.

I don't really want to do multiple weapons, mainly just a make-shift melee weapon, or no weapon at all (Just for certain sections of the game). I'm looking for this to be a post-apocalyptic, dark-toned game.

I'll take any suggestions into consideration and I'd appreciate any ideas at all.

What will be there/what I have now:
Melee Weapons
Spells (Casted or Channeled)
Armor (Small inventory or something, not too big)
Experience/Leveling System

Updated Version: Link

What's new:
- Character faces the way fireball will be thrown.
- Fireballs don't go through ground. (It's a little bugged now, but that's the animation/current ground)
- Press "E" for inventory, and "E" again to close.
- Minor Bugs Fixed.

If anyone reads this:
I thought of the other 3 spells, heal, see ahead, and body glow (see in the dark).

If anyone can think of anything better, let me know.

*I replaced thunder with heal, just because it would seem out of place for a low-key combat game. (I'm also going to try to see if I can do something like a flame-thrower instead of fireball).

I want this to be more of a "oh-shit-i'm-lucky-to-have-survived" rather than a IM-FUCKING-ULTRA-POWERFUL-FEEL-MY-WRAT H" kind of game.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 19th, 2009

Keanoo got back to me, so I won't replace him (unless he were to dropout).

WASD - Movement
P - Pause
Shift - Attack
Click the icon at the top to use magic
+50 button to add XP (It adds 250, I was changing it to test stuff)

Here's updated version

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 18th, 2009

I'll post examples for the mouse-moving game as soon as I'm back on my other computer that has it saved on it.

The first is a post-apocalyptic themed RPG platformer.

What's finished:
- Character Movement
- Experience / level up system (Roll over the xp bar for the amount of xp you have and need)
- Level design (Not designed, but can be)
- Pause menu

Example (Updated from forums)
(Currently the animator is Keanoo, but I'm still open if someone thinks they're better, or if someone wants to be a backup if he quits out).


The other is a game where you fight monsters constantly (or one boss after another, still not sure) in a small arena.

What's finished:
- Character Movement
- Shooting / Melee attacking
- Monster spawning / AI (not completely finished)
- Boundaries

I'll post an example when I get to my other computer.

Still need an animator.

PM me, or MSN or AIM.

MSN: Saltedtatortot@hotmail.com
AIM: Salted tator tot

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 11th, 2009

With my new computer finally all built and running (I built it myself :D) that cost roughly 600 dollars, I can play games on full settings at 1680x1050 resolution without lag (before I could barely play on low settings with the lowest resolutions). :D

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 11th, 2009

One day he will house our babies within the confines of his sweetly defined anus.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 11th, 2009

:( :l

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 8th, 2009

My plan was carried out almost in succession! However after slamming his face into the water fountain and punching him in the back of the head twice, his friend tackled me and he ran like a little girl. So then the rest of the day he didn't go anywhere without his "posse" and he didn't come to my flex. It was lulzy how his friend said that if I had something to say to that kid, I had to get through him, like his mother or some shit. The rest of the day was pretty shitty, I almost had a chance to kick his ass the rest of the way but he got away.

Also, it's my birthday! Tom, Wade, Jim, Rob, Stamper, MindChamber, Jeff, Bob, PsychoGoldfish, Tim and Mike all remembered!


Hiya, salted-tator-tot!

Happy 16th birthday!
-Tom, Wade, Jim, Rob, Stamper, MindChamber, Jeff, Bob, PsychoGoldfish, Tim and Mike

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 5th, 2009

The prick and his friend were going to gang up on me in gym today, but (for lack of common sense that I would be in the sophmore area of the locker room) they couldn't find me and left. My friend ended up telling me that they were looking for me. And after flex (A free-time period) he left class and got near teachers right after class, so on monday, I'm going to find him after gym and get my friend to take care of his friend while I beat the shit out of him. I'm changing tactics a bit, since it's the gym locker room, as follows:

1. Cheap-shot him with a slammed face into the waterfountain/wall (May be changed to just a "coming-up-to-him-and-fucking-him-up-d irectly tactic)
2. (If not on ground), punch him in the back of the head or continue slamming face into waterfountain/wall.
3. (If on ground) punch in the head a few.
4. Kick in the head a few.
5. Punch in the kidneys, etc.
6. Question him while continued pummeling occurs.
7. Check his belongings for iPod, or help my friend take down the other kid, but he shouldn't have a problem.

They're both freshman who got held back in middle school. I know both of them, and they're both pricks. His friend is well built, I wouldn't want to fuck with him and if I got ganged up on, there's no doubt I would get my ass kicked.

Posted by AIDSMcGuff - June 4th, 2009

There's this kid who stole my iPod (touch) awhile ago, and I could never really prove it (still technically can't) and he got away with it. I let him borrow it and I went up to get something while he had it and when I came back he said he put it on my desk and it wasn't there. The administrator came in and did absolutely nothing (probably cause, my ass). Today it came up about my iPod and the one kid who knows the kid who supposedly stole it and said how he was bragging about it. So today I went (he's in my flex) up to him and threatened him to give it back or his ass will be mine. So tomorrow I'm going to b eat his fucking head in if he doesn't give it back.

My Plan:

1. Bash his face into the corner of the wall.
*2. Strangle him with a towel.
*3. Punch him in the face/back of the head.
4. Punch him in the head on the ground.
5. Kick him while he's down.
6. (Repeat above as necessary to keep him down) Search his belongings for it.
7. Get escorted by principal.

Just to make it more fun, I was thinking maybe adding some jarate after he gets on the ground, I have a mason jar in my pantry. I'm open to suggestions or improvements.

*Refers to interchangeable actions.